beyond ArtLess

Josh Hertel

April 16, 2023 Season 1 Episode 13
beyond ArtLess
Josh Hertel
Show Notes

What does the intersection of math and music education look like? Meet Dr. Josh Hertel, Associate Professor of Math and Statistics at UW-LaCrosse. Josh is not only a great musician and mathematician but also responsible for two musicals and the creation of a board game convention! Our conversation covers stinger mutes, double stand racks, silos, trombone ensemble trip to Ithaca to stay with Phil's mom after hitting a skunk but prior to Phil proposing (now that's a story), ChatGPT, knowledge versus skill, and the unwritten musical about the "Longitudinal Prize".

Video about the Longitudinal Prize
Josh Hertel's Bio
Coulee Con (Board Game Convention & more)
Hirschman Chicago Stinger Mute
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