beyond ArtLess

Allison Ostrander

May 07, 2023 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 1 Episode 16
beyond ArtLess
Allison Ostrander
Show Notes

Remember how Phil kept this podcast a secret from his spouse Allison? Heck, he even secretly recorded an episode from a hot closet in his home. Peter works his magic and convinces Allison to join us as the surprise guest, and was it ever a surprise! After the shock wears off, we talk about the multifaceted role Allison has as a professional musician, string players' disdain for brass players in an orchestra, trombones as weapons, the official Allison and Phil love story, toilet paper delivery, hitting curbs, mentors, grit, deep practice, "He's not going anywhere," what makes a good conductor, losing children in the lazy river, inspiring youth, and Phil's health directive. Yup, we cover it all! Enjoy!

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