beyond ArtLess

The Mothers

May 21, 2023 Season 1 Episode 18
beyond ArtLess
The Mothers
Show Notes

Who else do you have as a guest on Mother's Day but your mothers? And in this case, all three of our mothers! We first talk about fruit and then stories about Sweet Jimmy as an introverted child. Sweet Mama Habs also talks about driving, moving the hassock, mailboxes, dogs, and an experience with a train trestle bridge. Phil's momma, Carrie, talks about him only wanting to play Superman as a child and secretively dropping his engineering degree. Chris' mom, Karen, talks about Chris hating t-ball, loving the tuba, playing with the Beach Boys (close...but not really), and a horn kick in church with a cat. We take editorial suggestions from the mothers, including a rebuttal to Jeremy Kondrat and a note from all three mothers to get Sweet Jimmy his office. Don't miss the goalpost story, forgotten emergency brake story, "Peter's responsible for mowing the grass," and a speed round for the ages—special guest appearance by Peter's wife Erica and mother-in-law Julie. 

Great quotes from the episode:
 "I want you to eat, but not at my table" - Mama O 
"So those are my favorite high school memories of you Peter - you with all of your lady friends. " - Mama H
"You came home and said, 'today I played goalpost'" - Mama G
"I could not have caught DO in a butterfly net." - Mama O

Tuba Tracks - "Ride of the Valkyries" - Gene Pokorny
Sounds of Summer - "Surfin' USA" - Beach Boys