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Kyle & Ashley Siegrist

September 03, 2023 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 2
beyond ArtLess
Kyle & Ashley Siegrist
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Show Notes
How to account for continued lack of sophistication from Peter, Chris and Phil? Of course, our guests Ashley and Kyle Siegrist attempt to outnumber and certainly outsmart the hosts. Considering Chris occasional disappearance from parts of the show, season two is really moving in positive directions. Chris works hard to work a “stinger” into the conversation, Peter turns a six second question into a three minute answer and the story of Phil endangering Kyle’s life makes everyone cringe.

Could you work with your partner? Ashley and Kyle share their experiences as high school sweethearts, students at UW Eau Claire, band directing in Texas and now working together at Bayport High School in Green Bay. Together we discuss building trust within and within an ensemble, finding leadership opportunities where none existed and making sure there is a place for everyone in the music classroom.


Kyle and Ashley Siegrist:

Kira Mevis:

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