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Adam Bever

September 17, 2023 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 4
beyond ArtLess
Adam Bever
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Show Notes

Finally. The episode that everyone has been waiting for. Poor young adult Christmas Tree decisions, narrating tuba duets with rutabaga filled sousaphones, green jello, mouth clapping and more.

There are no preludes or postludes, just pure music teaching mastery and comedic genius. When you are a middle schooler at heart, it’s not really teaching, it’s just spending time with people who have the same sense of humor you do.

The man (and family) with ENORMOUS heart and capacity to help our most treasured resource– children. He knows how to play a wicked jazz trombone solo and also can swing like crazy behind a drumset. He’s the fabulous, brilliant, one of a kind Adam Bever. Lucky us to spend the next hour with him!

Bever In The News

Adam Bever is band director at Rice Lake Middle School in Wisconsin. He taught previously at Unity High School. He has performed with many professional acts including the Glen Miller Orchestra and the Temptations.

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