beyond ArtLess

Matt Tiller

October 08, 2023 Season 2 Episode 7
beyond ArtLess
Matt Tiller
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Show Notes

Our guest this week is the GOAT and he also has goats. Matt Tiller, instrumental music educator at Bloomer, joins us to talk about his goats named Johnnie and Otis. Ok, we cover more than just goats but you will be impressed by the amount of time we explore this topic. We eventually move on to talk about his journey that led him to Bloomer and what it is like teaching in a small, rural school. Chris and Matt share stories about their band director father’s Rick and Jerry. We also talk about Matt’s prowess as an athlete and how it helps him as an educator. Matt discusses the “Tillery” aspects of the band camp he organizes at Camp Manitou for his students. We reflect on Phil’s decision to take his first UWEC trombone ensemble (which included a high school-aged Matt Tiller) in vans across the country to perform at the International Trombone Festival. We also recall “The Lesson” story where Matt impersonated Phil. We wrap things up with another speed round that is not speedy but really good!

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