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Allen Vizzutti

October 22, 2023 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 9
beyond ArtLess
Allen Vizzutti
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Show Notes

This week we gather 'round for tales and insights from a musical maestro, Allen Vizzutti. A man who swam with sharks, danced through the weird and twisted world of professional music, and even dodged Hollywood's most eccentric moments. He's never been in prison or parachuted from a plane, but he's leapt headfirst into a life filled with melodies and harmonies that will leave you speechless.

The world-famous trumpet virtuoso shares insights on how his journey into the professional music world started, how to encourage creativity and direction in your students, and what it takes to maintain a career in music like no other. A soloist with the top jazz and classic ensembles in the world, this educator, composer, and performer brings humor, honesty, and humility to our show…things we usually struggle with.

So, commuter, buckle up for a podcast like no other. Join us in welcoming the one, the only, the extraordinary Allen Vizzutti!

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