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Art Ostrander

November 26, 2023 Season 2 Episode 14
beyond ArtLess
Art Ostrander
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Show Notes

Finally.  A guest that delivers some honest and thoughtful feedback about improving the podcast.  One would think that our hosts would be able to operate a stopwatch, but apparently not.  This operates under the assumption that our hosts are interested in making improvements.  Or intelligent enough to make improvements to the podcast.

 What exactly does improvement mean?

Well, our guest this week has made lives of countless music teachers and students lives better as dean of the Ithaca College School of Music for 22 years.  The fee this guest imposed was quite steep, but we managed to talk him down by promising him grandchild time.  Actually, I think we agreed that he paid ten years of Phil’s college tuition to be on the podcast.

Art Ostrander (Phil’s Dad) attended Don Larsen’s world series perfect game on his birthday on October 8, 1956!  He had some pretty fun stories about Limerick, Ireland, too.

Most important, this guest is Phil’s hero.

Bill Bell & His Tuba Recording
Bach Mass In B Minor Recording
Holiday Road - Lindsey Buckingham Recording  

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