beyond ArtLess

Adam & Kate Hardt

December 10, 2023 Season 2 Episode 16
beyond ArtLess
Adam & Kate Hardt
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Show Notes

In an effort to improve the quality of this podcast we have not one but two amazing guests with us this week. Adam and Kate Hardt are an amazing music education couple. Our conversation with them covers their busy lives as parents and music educators, mentors Fred Sturm and Mallory Thompson, jazz improvisation tips, reflections of amazing students, upcoming challenges, the importance of the arts, and more! 

Join us for what promises to be the best show we put out this week!

Show Links:

Fred Sturm
Mallory Thompson

Music References:
Ben Lapidus Wins Over the Judges Despite Getting 4 X's | The Parmesan Cheese Song | AGT 2022

Back To The Future (From "Back To The Future" Original Score/End Credits) · The Outatime Orchestra

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