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Ward Miller

December 17, 2023 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 17
beyond ArtLess
Ward Miller
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Show Notes

Today we have the honor of learning from the renowned Dr. Ward Miller, a musical luminary whose influence reaches far beyond the podium. He shares insights into the profound impact of his mentor, Myron Welch, on his music journey. Commuters will gain valuable perspectives on the importance of mentorship and why Dr. Miller has never been to Idaho! The conversation often takes a humorous turn, especially when Haberman’s students interrupt the podcast, and everyone shares honor band horror stories. We delve into the heart of music with Dr. Miller as he shares what makes great music truly different and great. And the importance of vision, identity, and leadership as a director for our programs.

 Now if we could only get Phil to ask a good question…

Show Links:
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Audio Clips:
Crowdsource Choir Sings Metallica's "Enter Sandman"

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