beyond ArtLess

Paul Budde

December 24, 2023 Season 2 Episode 18
beyond ArtLess
Paul Budde
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Show Notes

This week’s guest aligns perfectly with the conclusion of the 77th Midwest Clinic held in Chicago. Our guest is the amazing educator, tubist, father, leader, human, friend, and fish catcher, Dr. Paul Budde. His Midwest presentation with co-presenter Erin Holmes (Season 1, Episode 10), called “Why Teach, Why Now”,  inspires music educators to reconnect with their why. This talk is just one example of Paul’s infectious positive mindset. His enthusiasm and dedication to inspire the next generation of music educators is legendary (as are his fishing stories!). Commuter….you are in for a treat!

Dr. Paul Budde & Erin Holmes Why Teach, Why Now Midwest 2023 Session Description & Handout

Gary Cartoon

US Marine Band Change Of Command

Build In Music - The Storm by Composer: Greg Dombrowski

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