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Turning The Tables with Claire, Mariah, & Maddie

December 31, 2023 Season 2 Episode 19
beyond ArtLess
Turning The Tables with Claire, Mariah, & Maddie
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Show Notes

This week we turn the tables on the hosts and they become the guests! Phil, Chris, and Peter will have to answer questions from Dr. Haberman’s students and…daughter! A role reversal that brings out the amazing talent and insight from Chris and Phil, and leaves a bit to be desired from Peter. Learn about the amazing Dr. Ostrander and his ability to perform at a world-class level as both a classical and jazz musician, find out about the nationally acclaimed educator Chris Gleason and his ability to not only have creativity and vision, but then the tenacity to follow-through has led him to new heights as an educator. Then there is the unconventional Dr. Haberman and the lack of enthusiasm the students have about learning any more about him or his musical journey.

Join us as we celebrate our talented hosts and what mentorship they can provide to the world, beyond their bad sense of humor and low-quality podcast!

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