beyond ArtLess

Mark Davison

January 21, 2024 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 22
beyond ArtLess
Mark Davison
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Show Notes

On this week's show is a man with many skills - from writing drills to building decks; Mark Davison can do it all. He is a gentle giant whose passion continues to nurture all those who get the privilege of working with him. In our conversation, Mark talks about his experience as a private instructor and band director. He shares his experiences with the Essential Ellington Jazz Festival, his approach to teaching private lessons, and the importance of tailoring lessons to fit each student's needs. The conversation goes well until we get off track, envisioning a future Beyond The Notes booth at Midwest and attacking gongs by using t-shirt cannons. Everything you would expect from this quality podcast. 

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