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Mike George

February 04, 2024 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 24
beyond ArtLess
Mike George
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Show Notes

Mike George is a legendary figure in the arts education community in Wisconsin and beyond. His leadership has impacted thousands of people over his highly successful career. What an honor to spend an hour with Mike as he shares his childhood experiences and passion for music, discussing his teaching career, involvement in polka bands, and fine arts administration. Emphasizing relationship-building and mentoring, he highlights the importance of creating a culture of sharing. He discusses establishing the Wisconsin Center for Music Education and the Comprehensive Musicianship Project. Reflecting on influential figures, he underscores the transformative power of music, collaboration, and leadership in the field of music education. And yes....we also listen to Paul Budde's new Packer song.

00:00 Introduction and Stole of Excellence
03:33 Discussion about Paul Budde
04:19 Phil's Honor Band Experience
05:11 Siren, Wisconsin and Other Music Programs
08:07 WWPPD: What Would You Do If You Woke Up Six Years Old?
09:02 Reflections on Childhood and Wasted Time
11:20 Introduction of Mike George
12:12 Mike George's Childhood and Passion for Music
14:24 First Teaching Jobs and Changes in Teaching
20:32 Involvement in Polka Bands
21:52 Administrative Career and Establishing the Wisconsin Center for Music Education
27:39 Importance of Philanthropy and Mentoring Young Teachers
34:37 Mike George's Work in Fine Arts Administration
41:12 Importance of Building Relationships in Teaching
41:34 Facilitating Groups and Creating Visions
42:03 Encouraging Participation in Group Settings
44:10 Creating a Culture of Sharing
45:26 Teaching and Mentoring Nonprofits
49:15 The Impact of the Arts
52:43 Remembering Influential Figures
57:37 Speed Round

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