beyond ArtLess

Paul Kile

February 18, 2024 Chris Gleason, Peter Haberman & Phil Ostrander Season 2 Episode 26
beyond ArtLess
Paul Kile
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Show Notes

In celebration of the Minnesota Music Educators Association (MMEA) Conference this past week, we are pleased to have the fantastic Minnesota music educator Paul Kile with us. Paul shares his upbringing, including the LaCrosse Boys Choir, cymbals, and a skiff (you'll just have to listen). We talk about his amazing work teaching high school band at Edina High School as well as his leadership roles in multiple organizations including the Minnesota Music Listening Contest, National Band Association (NBA-MN), American School Band Directors Association (ASBDA-MN), and the Servant Leadership for Music (SLAM) to name a few. His contagious curiosity and genuine passion for learning are models for us all - as is his ability to answer ridiculous speed-round questions!

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